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What’s New and What’s Next in Digital Marketing Technology?

Digital Marketing

Every year, the latest and next marketing trends generate lot of buzz. As we inch closer to mid-year, the technology trends that will dominate our attention for the rest of this year are clearly evident.

As a global martech agency, TechAspect is privileged to be at the forefront of developments that promise to transform the way digital experiences are created, delivered and measured. In fact, all of TechAspect's partners are innovators in the martech field.

Trends We Are Watching

For digital marketers and marketing technologists, there’s never been a more exhilarating or rewarding time. To learn how each TechAspect partner plans to rock the digital world, we invite you to click on their site links below. Look around. Peruse their solutions. Glimpse the advances that are happening right now, as well as those that are just around the corner.

But before you see what our partners are doing, take a moment to review some of the trends we’re following closely. What other trends would you add?

  • Personalized user experiences
  • CMS-marketing automation integrations
  • Ecommerce
  • Location-based marketing technology
  • Real-time engagement
  • The growth of "big data" and analytics
  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on martech infrastructure

Follow the Marketing Technology Leaders

Want to know what’s new and what’s next in marketing technology? Check out the following TechAspect partners, who are raising the bar and setting the trends:

Web Content Management


Marketing Automation


Online Video

Targeting and Personalization

Technology Platforms

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