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Oracle Interact 2014 - Six Epic Fails you should avoid

Event No-No’s…Don’t do it! Interact 2014…Here we come!

Having worked with quite a few clients around the world, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in events including webinars, tradeshows and hosted events. There are some common themes that run through the course of the ones that are great and the ones that quickly become known as an epic fail.

Here is my top six list of what not to do:

6. Forget to send reminder emails the week and day prior.
If you want limited attendance with loads of empty chairs forget to send out a reminder.

5. Automate the process.
Try and manage your 5 webinars all manually is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. In order to maximize your impact, take the time on the front-end to automate the process and plan your success.

4. Think if “you build it they will come".
If you are Richard Branson, maybe. Otherwise, know who you are targeting and go after the event attendees with careful planning and execution.

3. Realize two weeks out from the event date you don’t have enough registrations.
Uh, too late. Think ahead. I know this is very difficult in the world of start-ups and hectic marketing plans. But, if you do realize two weeks out, at least have the courage to ask for help.

2. Have a webinar or event that only sells and offers no substance.
Never, ever create an event that is a sales pitch. Offer education and value over sales every time. By using thought leadership your brand will sell itself.

1. Spam your client base.
Please don’t think that sending five emails in one week or sending two last emails the day before will help your attendance.

Remember, if people are taking time to come to your event or log into your webinar, you have a responsibility to provide value. Offer some good tips. Offer a detailed case study and give concrete examples. Eloqua had historically done a great job of this in the past. We will see how their Interact conference is this year. Eloqua uses TopLiners, webinars and a variety of regional events where they offer concrete education to provide value for modern marketers. Other companies provide value too, Eloqua was just top of mind as we are headed out to the conference this week.

Go Oracle.

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