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Is Your Website Stuck on the Runway? Take Flight with Better Analytics

Better Analytics
Web Analytics

Imagine this scenario: You’re traveling through a busy airport and your flight is leaving soon. First, you’re stuck in crowded check-in lines. Thirty minutes later, you begin the crawl through TSA security screening. You see 10 rows with at least 20 people in each and you start to panic. Things are moving slow and the clock is ticking. Will you have to beg your way through the inpatient crowd? Will you miss your boarding window?

Finally, the airport security team realizes the volume of traffic and gets smart. They open two more lines to speed the screening process. Your anxiety subsides. Yet you still wonder: Why wasn’t the airport better prepared for the crowd? With easy access to all the travel data—including the number of departing flights and passenger counts—couldn’t they dynamically adjust the number of check-in booths, security lines and staff members to better match the expected volume? Why weren’t they leveraging the power of data at their disposal?

The same idea applies to website performance. When visitor traffic is high, performance and speed may suffer. Or worse, consumers wanting to make purchases on-the-spot get frustrated and leave. Football enthusiasts can’t buy that championship souvenir in real-time from their mobile device, while sitting in the stadium. Travelers can’t book that room while they’re wowed by the grand event at the hotel. Or students can’t register for that class before their schedules fill up.

With proper data and website analytics, marketing teams can give their customers a better experience. They can understand:

  • What’s most exciting to buyers
  • What events in the physical world act as triggers at various buying stages
  • What media channels have positive effects on sales

CMS technologies can help by integrating with e-commerce, marketing automation, CRM and analytics platforms. This integration can help you leverage customer behavior data to drive real-time knowledge, capitalize on immediate marketing opportunities, and ultimately, drive sales.

Whether you’re in education, hospitality, manufacturing, sports or entertainment, analytics are the “runway” by which your marketing engine can take flight.

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