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Adobe 2017 Highlights You Don’t Want To Miss!

Adobe Summit 2017

“Fractured, disparate technology just doesn’t get you there. You have to make it an amazing experience every time.” Adobe Executive Vice President and General Manager, Bradley Rencher. 

Last week in the desert, in front of 12,000 eager marketers, Adobe announced the new direction of its much-touted marketing hub: the Adobe Experience Cloud. You would expect being last year’s clear cut leader of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing for both Completeness of Vision as well as Ability to Execute would prompt Adobe to rest on its laurels, but for the software giant with record profit this year that was not about to happen. During its first day keynote, kicked off by Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, Adobe announced its new offering under the Experience Cloud.

The Adobe Experience Cloud is the overarching umbrella that encompasses all its marketing tools categorized under these three cloud offerings:


Adobe Advertising Cloud

The Advertising Cloud is certainly not a new offering for Adobe, they have always ventured in this area with Media Optimizer, however this is the first time Adobe formalizes this offering. Two of the core features of this cloud are streamlining the experience for the end user by seamlessly delivering the experience across many channels. Also, this cloud has a native integration with the Marketing and Analytics Clouds which allows for dynamic analysis and segmentation of user data which can be immediately leveraged in real-time for the Advertising Cloud.

Adobe Analytics Cloud

This cloud is a core piece that is based on the most popular Adobe tool, Analytics.  Alongside its DMP, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics is the pillar data tool within the Adobe stack. Supplementary to its analytics capabilities, it provides real-time and precise attribution, through visibility of the customer journey across their entire experience. Again, the native integration with the Marketing and Advertising Cloud, makes this a more robust offering with a wide range of capabilities in comparison to other analytics tools.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

This cloud contains the largest set of tools under the Adobe Experience Cloud. With AEM, Target, Campaign, Social and Primetime, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is an end-to-end personalization engine. Managing content and campaigns coupled with personalization through segmentation, the Adobe Marketing cloud tailors the user experience for all channels, including social and media channels. Leveraging insight from the Analytics Cloud and providing context to the Advertising Cloud, the native integration under the Experience Cloud is yet again empowering marketers to connect the dots across their landscape.


Adobe Sensei

Another major topic of interest for marketers at the Adobe Summit was Adobe Sensei. Adobe Sensei is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning framework that injects these capabilities within the Adobe Experience Cloud by employing auto-tagging, matching, targeting and sentiment recognition. This is enabled through AI learning of trillions of assets, sets of content, customer interactions and user data. Artificial Intelligence has been the direction that many marketing tools and thinkers are driving towards, so Adobe did not want to be left behind. From IBM Watson to Siri and from Alexa to Google Home to Chat Bots, there is no escaping the AI revolution.

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