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From Content Management to Customer Experience: AEM 6.2 Is Here


The long-awaited Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2 is here—bringing bold enhancements to digital marketers everywhere. Released April 21, 2016, this new version represents a turned corner for AEM—essentially moving from basic web content management to robust customer experience management in one big move.

Digital marketers spoke. Adobe listened.

With AEM 6.2, that customer experience now includes multi-channel marketing, greater personalization and management across multiple websites, mobile apps, screens and the Internet of Things (IoT). Best yet, it enables digital marketers to cover all these channels with a single platform.

Beyond the numerous technology enhancements, AEM 6.2 is aimed at providing digital marketers with blueprints to help them guide their journey based on the proven success of previous implementations.

Three ways AEM 6.2 improves the customer experience

How has Adobe migrated to this customer experience management? What specifically was done? Here are the three key components:

  1. Digital foundation platform: AEM 6.2 now provides a seamless platform for content management, data insights and personalization. This foundation enables AEM’s smooth integration with other marketing products, ultimately taking digital markets far beyond content management and providing a far better customer experience.
  2. A new focus on content marketing and velocity: The makers of AEM 6.2 rethought the entire process of asset and content-creation. This includes how to create and deliver content for multiple channels, how to create real-time personalized experiences, how to speed up the entire process, and how to make searching for assets faster and more seamless. These enhancements are all in there.
  3. Focus on connected experiences: When a digital campaign needs to integrate IoT, in-store AEM screens, multiple websites or apps (or everything at once), AEM 6.2 can drive customer loyalty while also delivering everything to the target audience through one platform.

We’ll be discussing each of the above in greater detail in upcoming blog posts.

What’s new in AEM 6.2?

Platform enhancements: There are many notable enhancements in AEM 6.2, but the two most significant are:

  • Oak search enhancements –AEM 6.2 takes a major step forward with support for faceted search, predicate suggestions, context-based search and spell-check. Another new concept is omnisearch, which enables literally everything within AEM to be searchable, including meta data, content text, hashtags, asset meta tags and workflows.
  • Revision Cleanup – Another key improvement in AEM 6.2 is the new Revision Cleanup. This feature introduces a three-step process: estimation, compaction and cleanup (whereas only compaction was available before). It also comes with offline and online options designed to reclaim the disk space created by versioning when data gets updated. This helps keep repository systems efficient and lean.

Next-generation content distribution capabilities: AEM 6.2 also addresses a few of today’s administrators’ biggest pain points, like extra-large-volume activations and stuck replication queues. AEM 6.2 introduces an auto-unlocking feature that eliminates the need for an administrator to clean up the queue before activation. This version also enables administrators to set a priority for the replication queue items, which is helpful during bulk activations or a major release. They can decide what gets replicated first.

Key feature improvements: AEM 6.2 also brings a host of improved including:

  • Template editor
  • Content fragments
  • Improved integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Improved capabilities in Communities, Mobile, Assets, Forms
  • Reference implementation: AEM 6.2 now includes both Geometrixx and We Retail, a Sightly-based program that strengthens users’ e-commerce capabilities. We Retail also features a localized site structure, which showcases Multi-Site Management and helps users update content across different countries and languages.

If your organization needs help with the upgrade to AEM 6.2, let TechAspect be your guide.

Coming Soon: Watch for future blogs that delve deeper into the key components of Experience management in AEM 6.2 and what the new features can mean to you.

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