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AEM Mobile Has Won the Editor’s Choice in CRN Enterprise Apps Awards

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TechAspect Favorite AEM Mobile Snags Editor's Choice in CRN Enterprise Apps Awards

Adobe is known for creating many decades’ worth of knockout hits that redefined marketing and outreach, but in 2016, it may have topped them all with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. In its Enterprise App Awards, CRN Magazine granted AEM Mobile a top spot in the form of its coveted Editor’s Choice recognition. Whether you’re a dedicated data scientist or a novice Adobe Analytics user, this is great news.

At TechAspect, we’re proud to have mastered such a highly credentialed Adobe Marketing Cloud tool, and we’re even more gratified to leverage it on your behalf. Here’s what AEM Mobile’s recent recognition could mean for your future as a CMO.

What's in an Award?

The CRN Enterprise App Awards are specifically intended to feature tools that help CMOs stay productive. The Editor’s Choice win just supports the idea that established AEM experts like TechAspect stand to empower their clients with more impactful digital marketing methodologies. 

The CRN accolades are more than merely the result of some arbitrary popularity contest. Instead, they reveal AEM Mobile as a tried-and-tested solution for companies that want to improve their service offerings, analytics and outreach strategies without rethinking their entire business models.

CRN Magazine isn’t the only major industry player that stands behind Adobe Marketing Cloud either. In November 2016, for instance, Gartner awarded the company an overall leader designation in its second Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics ranking. Adobe Analytics beat countless other solutions for a variety of reasons, including its:

  • Segmentation capabilities that merge ease of use, reporting and actionability with sophisticated segment analysis,
  • Straightforward integration with other tools in the Adobe Suite, such as Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target, and
  • Ongoing product development that incorporates constant usage observation and feedback from the marketing community.

What the Adobe Approach Offers

AEM Mobile is clearly designed to bring the office with you as you create and hone custom digital marketing analytics apps and solutions. For instance, users can review mission-critical data, oversee IT infrastructures and collaborate with relative ease via iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Unlike some alternatives, AEM Mobile gives you the power to build your own content management workflows. You can also integrate your apps with existing backend systems and push continuous changes to ensure that your content remains as relevant as possible. In a world where careless or under-informed decision making can mean the demise of an otherwise stellar plan, being able to stay connected is invaluable. 

What Will AEM Mobile Mean for Your Marketing Efficacy?

If you’re still not convinced that AEM Mobile’s capacity for great things could add vital potency to your business plan, consider these key statistics:

Why Mobile Matters

Around 80 percent of the web’s citizen’s own smartphones. In other words, marketing to mobile devices is a matter of necessity instead of one of preference. 

Among all consumers, 48 percent use search engines to begin their mobile research. This underscores the importance of employing accurate digital marketing analytics to get your brand out there where it can be seen. 

Mobile users represent an advertising audience with greater potential rewards. An offer that you send via mobile is about 10 times as likely to be redeemed as a traditional print alternative. Almost 90 percent of consumers initiate live contact with businesses within 24 hours of searching for them on their smart devices. Conversion rates on smartphones also outstrip those on desktop machines by about two-thirds. Failing to commit to mobile marketing has massive potential to hamper your profitability.

The Value of a Comprehensive Approach

It’s impossible to ignore how neglecting the mobile market segment could halt your growth. Mobile users are notoriously particular, with 57 percent refusing to recommend businesses that exhibit bad mobile site design and 80 percent demanding seamless experiences from one device to another. The word of mouth that you’ve been counting on won’t go nearly as far if you aren’t on top of mobile marketing.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile helps you make uniform marketing and outreach decisions. Consumers want to be able to engage with your brand without missing a beat even as they switch from their smartphones to tablets or computers. It’s up to you to ensure that they don’t notice the transition. AEM tools that let you deploy content to targeted audiences without wasting time reformatting or tweaking for specific devices help you market more inclusively and capitalize on trends. 

Getting the Most out of AEM Mobile

Of course, marketing tools must do more than just include cool functionality. They also need to be good fits for the way you do business. As powerful as it is, AEM Mobile may confound some CMOs with its rich feature set and near-infinite customizability. Without an experienced partner, it’s easy to get lost in the wealth of features, tools and available data. 

The TechAspect Difference

There are many ways to use AEM, but only a few methodologies will be optimal for your organization. As an Adobe AEM Specialized Partner, TechAspect is more than qualified to help you choose a superior plan of attack that makes the most of the evolving Adobe Analytics ecosystem.

We employ dedicated Adobe specialists who help you put all those analytics, implementation and integration goodies to practical use. Our Fast Forward Accelerators let you leverage our decades of CMS success without doing the legwork on your own, meaning that you can dive right into development. When it’s time to deploy, our Adobe Marketing Cloud Research and Development team can help you evolve from a theoretical data scientist into a pragmatic decision-maker who uses accurate information to enact impactful changes. 

Ready to get your organization on board and leverage the best Adobe AEM has to offer? Put your faith in the established digital marketing experts. To discover how TechAspect can help you refine your Adobe Experience Manager Mobile prowess, click here.






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