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Customizing the order of search results

Customizing the Order of Search Results

Suppose you have a group of nodes/pages on your site for e.g. FAQs, Case Studies  and you want to provide  a feature so that visitors can search on that content.  You also want to give higher weightage to some properties/field values of the node/page.  For e.g. if the search term occurs in the title then show that result first.

The following are the configuration steps to achieve this.

1. Update \crx-quickstart\repository\workspaces\crx.default\workspace.xml and add the line below (bolded)


<SearchIndex class=""> <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}/index"/> <param name="resultFetchSize" value="50"/> <param name="indexingConfiguration" value="${wsp.home}/indexing_config.xml"/> </SearchIndex>

2. Create the file /crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/indexing_config.xml and copy the content from this link

3. Include the following lines in the above the file. Change the condition and properties as per your need.

<index-rule nodeType="nt:unstructured" condition="@sling:resourceType = 'app1/components/faq'"> <property boost="3.0">question</property> <property >answer</property> <property >sling:resourceType</property> </index-rule>

4. Re-index the repository. 

Delete the following in the directory /crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/crx.default/



5. Now write your query and use fulltext search on the relevant properties that you are searching.

Sample Query:

path=/content/xxx/FAQs/jcr:content/ type=nt:unstructured 1_property=sling:resourceType 1_property.value=app1/components/faq group.p.or=true group.1_fulltext=My_Search_String group.1_fulltext.relPath=@question group.2_fulltext= My_Search_String group.2_fulltext.relPath=@answer


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