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TechAspect Uses AEM to Enhance an Educational Provider's Digital Marketing Capabilities


Most higher-education providers offer a wide range of educational programs across multiple locations, with course costs that vary by program and site. For organizations like these, offering customized information online is an essential component for attracting and engaging prospective students.

Recently, TechAspect helped one such provider achieve a full redesign of all microsites, while upgrading to AEM 6.1 to take advantage of the latest CMS features. Our team interconnected all sites and enabled this client to generate customized results from a complex database. The finished product also helped this organization execute more targeted marketing, offer improved UI functionality for university enrollments and provide internal applications that would enhance the student experience.

To achieve the goal, our team delivered a variety of innovative strategies, including:

  • Created a custom connector to fetch content from the complex backend database
  • Migrated to Sightly as the new scripting engine, which reduced development time by at least 25%
  • Developed a new custom ContentTypemanager solution
  • Created AEM templates with pre-defined scaffolded content, making it simpler to author similar pages
  • Designed a custom interface that allows authors to manage dynamic data in the database, so changes and additions are reflected in real-time
  • Provided rich applications that enable students to use features such as global tool tips, highlighting and auto-suggest searching

Today, the client has updated web properties that offer a cleaner, more seamless way of delivering customized database results, as well as a responsive design with full availability over a wide range of devices.

Curious to learn more about how AEM 6.1 met this client’s objectives? Read the full case study here.

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