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Streamline your AEM Migration with the CMSBridge Accelerator

Accelerate your implementation with CMS Bridge

Author : Hemanth Mudigolam

So, you’ve decided to make the move to Adobe Experience Manager. Who could blame you? With new feature packs, enhanced scalability and other powerful updates, it’s one of today’s more robust enterprise content management systems.

But many content professionals find the prospect of migrating hundreds or thousands of pages almost too daunting to consider. They worry about how much time it might take and whether accuracy will be an issue, especially at high page volumes.

It’s for this group that TechAspect created the CMSBridge.

A TechAspect FastForward™ Accelerator

CMSBridge is one of many Fast Forward Accelerators, proprietary, pre-coded modules designed to reduce the time and costs associated with website deployment. It simplifies CMS migrations by enabling users to easily collect, organize and move assets over quickly and accurately, without the fear of errors or misfiling information.

With maximum ease and efficiency, CMSBridge helps users create and store mapping rules, download content and migrate data to an Adobe CQ implementation. As you know, Adobe CQ has been integrated into the AEM solution, and both are now part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Here are some CMSBridge screen shots that illustrate a simple migration.

1. Crawl and Compile

From this screen you can dispatch the Spider to crawl the source site, collect, organize and download all your links and content.


2. Map for Migration

This screen is used to map URLs and pages to the Adobe CQ folder structure.


3. Populate Templates

This screen helps you efficiently map external website page elements to Adobe CQ page templates.


4. Preview and Proof New Pages

This screen allows you to preview your newly compiled Adobe CQ pages.


Want to avoid the flood of challenges that can accompany a CMS migration?  Call TechAspect Today and ask about the CMSBridge.  

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