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Join Us Aug. 23: TechAspect Featured in Adobe’s “Ask the Expert” Session


Adobe knows how to pick its experts—and TechAspect is proudly on the esteemed list.

Adobe’s “Ask the Expert” sessions are community-driven webinars conducted every month. These are a series of presentations with topics ranging from developing custom AEM solutions to deep dive technical sessions about using different aspects of Adobe Experience Manager. Each session covers a different topic—complete with examples, details and demos—enabling the Adobe community to gain more in-depth knowledge about today’s most popular tools.

TechAspect’s Lokesh Shivalingaiah will co-host the next session —to be held August 23, 2016—on “Working with Experience Manager and eCommerce.” This session will cover the following topics:

  • eCommerce framework
  • How to integrate AEM with external eCommerce engines
  • Basic architecture
  • Commerce components
  • Commerce APIs
  • Custom AEM native eCommerce Provider implementation and demo

If you’re ready to learn more about AEM and eCommerce integration, we hope you’ll join us. Register today.

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