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How to Get Involved in the Drupal Community

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One of the first steps for any Drupal developer is to create an account and profile on This allows you to participate in the community, make comments, email other members, and commit code when you are ready.


Your ‘’ profile (short for not only serves as a place to tell others in the community about your background and history with Drupal, it is a key tool for recruiters and potential employers.

The community offers a host of options to get involved::

  • code reviews
  • contributions to group code sprints
  • study groups for certification
  • speaking opportunities at events

Regular participation in functions like Drupalcon events held two to three times annually around the world, will greatly increase your experience and credibility.

Being an active member of the community also insures that you are continually meeting new people, and therefore growing your Drupal network and increasing your access to opportunities. So get out there and attend meet-ups, go to a DrupalCamp or the upcoming DrupalCon in your area to build your network.

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