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Multi Site Manager

Multi Site Manager

Recently, one of our clients wanted us to simplify the content copying process across multiple regional sites. To give a little bit of the background, users were having to copy DCRs in their entirety and then clearing unwanted data. As is evident this was very error prone and caused a lot of issues for content editors. In addition, certain portions of the web pages were very specific to each region. So it was very critical that they not appear on a different region site.

We decided on creating a new workflow in order to automate the process a bit better. This Multisite manager is configured in such way that, based on data type, only a preconfigured list of fields are displayed to the user. User can then simply select a list of interested fields. Only these fields in the selected DCR are copied over.

On top of it, we gave a nice touch to it with a very intuitive wizard interface to the workflow. This is not possible with the out of the box capabilities of Workflow modeler. So we had to dig deep into our Java expertise to customize the functionality to provide wizard feel to the workflow. In the end, with happy end users it was worth the effort. :-)

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