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Changes Are Coming as HP Ends TeamSite 7.2x, 7.3x, 7.4.0 Support


If your company relies on TeamSite, as many of our customers do, you may want to consider upgrading to version 8.1, sooner rather than later.

That’s because, after April 1, 2016, the company will no longer support its popular but aging 7.2.x platform , nor its versions 7.3.x & 7.4.0, which this HP post says will end just months later, on November 1.

The news understandably has many of our TeamSite customers carefully weighing their options.

End-of-Life Implications

CMS providers’ End-of-Life or EOL announcements are not uncommon. But they do push businesses into making a choice between upgrading, not upgrading, or migrating to a completely different platform.

Our position on the subject is clear: we believe that all TeamSite customers will benefit greatly by upgrading to the newest version. HP has done a great job of listening to users and to long-time partners like TechAspect, so they have effectively addressed previous performance concerns.

In fact, our team feels that 8.1 is the most powerful, flexible and well-engineered TeamSite CMS to date. Read our “Top Eight Reasons to Get Onboard ” post to learn about the most exciting new enhancements, such as the revamped user interface, HP Search Optimizer and TeamSite Experience Studio.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the key business benefits TeamSite (and even non-TeamSite) users will experience by stepping up to HP’s latest version:

  • Greater site manageability for business users, thanks to the new Experience Studio Interface
  • Future cost avoidance due to a longer time between upgrades
  • Powerful improvements, such as using DAM within the CMS, that increase confidence in staying with the TeamSite platform

Cautious About Customizations

Though many of TechAspect’s TeamSite customers are eager to embrace 8.1’s enhanced functionality, some worry whether upgrading will break existing customizations. This, of course, is a very important consideration.

TechAspect has more than 16 years’ experience adapting and scaling HP TeamSite solutions, helping customers navigate five major TeamSite releases. Our team also has years of broader WCM customization and integration experience , so there are few migration challenges we haven’t encountered and overcome. We’ll work closely with you to protect your investment by identifying and correcting potential customization issues before they become problematic.

Request a Consultation

With the proper support, a CMS EOL announcement like HP’s can be an opportunity instead of an obstacle. So whether you’re a 7.x customer looking to step up, or currently using another platform and want to learn more about the best TeamSite CMS ever , contact us today for a friendly, no-cost CMS consultation.

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