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Lost in Translation? Techaspect’s Connector for HP TeamSite Rescues Your Multilingual Website

teamsite translation connector

As a CMS technologist, we understand the complexity and challenges of translation workflow in web content management systems.

Often times, content teams wish that out-of-the-box translation workflow in TeamSite CMS were a little more straightforward. They need to get translations done as simply and quickly as possible, and they’d like HP TeamSite to make this task easier.

What’s the challenge with TeamSite’s translation workflow?

The out-of-the-box translation workflow requires the involvement of content teams. Unfortunately, this manual process can be error-prone, time-consuming, and costly. The translation workflow’s seven steps are manual, creating a complex process.

connector workflo

Introducing TechAspect’s TeamSite Translation Connector

To address these pain points, we’ve built a connector that integrates TeamSite with third-party translation services, such as HP ACG and Lionbridge. The translation connector simplifies the above process by automating steps two through six.

translation connector workflow

Here’s How It Works

Once a translation request is created, our connector takes over the control until the translation is complete. It handles transferring the content back and forth with the third-party translation web service. It also regularly monitors the service to check on the status until it receives a confirmation. Another important feature of the connector is this: emails are sent out at the right time to provide a quick call-to-action. 

teamsite translation status

translation tracker

translation status email

Best yet, the connector’s architecture has been designed in such way that it’s not coupled with any particular vendor, so it can be used with most translation service providers.

Easier Translation Workflows: More Functionality, Less Effort

With TeamSite Translation Connector, we’ve abstracted away as much functionality as possible, thus hitting a sweet spot of requiring bare-minimum effort from the content team.

By moving from a manual workflow of translation to one that is completely automated, businesses can now reduce translation costs and increase the efficiency of content associated with multilingual websites.

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