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Case Study: Global Semiconductor Manufacturer Migrates to Sitecore CMS to Support Growth


A Fortune 500 technology company and global manufacturer of semiconductors had a challenge: It needed to migrate from Teamsite to Sitecore CMS and redesign its multi-lingual website to support future growth and improve the overall user experience. The company also needed help with integrating web analytics tools and migrating content.

To get the job done timely—and done right—the company needed to augment its staff. It turned to the experts at TechAspect, who were happy to offer their working knowledge, time and support.

Soon, TechAspect team was augmenting this client’s internal team and collaborating closely in all aspects of the development, design and migration to Sitecore. During the project implementation, the team performed a variety of complex activities that would help improve site performance and content management.

TechAspect created content elements using Sitecore templates, enabling content authors to reuse the content across multiple websites. The team redesigned the Dealer Portal, redesigned the certificate-generation process to create PDFs dynamically with a single button-click, and developed a custom Sitecore workbox application to support more filters and features than the default Sitecore application. The Team also implemented Google Analytics to track website downloads and external page links.

The final outcome of the project was a huge success. Today, the redesigned solution now supports websites belonging to 25 regions, and is helping the company position for future growth in North America as well as other global regions.

To read all the background and project details, please see our latest case study.

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