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How we helped a health insurance giant build a top-ranking website

health insurance company

Recently, TechAspect used Sitecore CMS to help a major U.S. health insurance company consolidate disparate web properties of its various business lines into one cohesive web presence—including Medicare, individual health insurance products, pharmacy solutions and dental/vision plans. And the powerful results caught the attention of many.

Specifically, the new site needed to achieve a variety of important business objectives:

  • Leverage cross-selling capabilities during quoting and enrollment
  • Respond to market changes more quickly
  • Increase prospect and member preferences for online enrollment
  • Enable customers to quickly find product information and close sales

The client selected Sitecore as the technology of choice. Sitecore proved to be the most flexible, scalable and robust CMS for implementing an engagement platform. It offered the ability to modify features and functions, as well as the openness to third-party integrations—all of which made Sitecore a success.

Next, we concentrated on the Validation Framework, which was designed leveraging Sitecore, Fluent Validation, jQuery Validation and Microsoft Unobtrusive Validation. Together, these tools helped ensure uniform presentation and provided control to the content editor for managing the validation messages.

During the project, we also concentrated on eliminating work redundancy. Our team created multiple workspaces in Sitecore to support different websites and segregated common items into a “global” category to reuse. This helped decrease the effort of creating the same item multiple times.

Thanks to TechAspect’s web development expertise, the client now has a website that has been rated #1 in various web categories among U.S. insurance companies. It also offers a greatly enhanced user experience, decreased maintenance costs, more effective way to locate and discover information—and much more.

We met the critical business objectives of this client, and we can do it for you, too.

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