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Sitecore and Marketo Together: Double the Benefits for Digital Marketing

Sitecore Marketo Integration

We all know that having a holistic view of customer behavior is one key to digital marketing success. Any tools that provide insight into website usage, landing page visits and web-form submissions are a virtual goldmine.

While existing CMS and Marketing Automation systems can provide this knowledge, many marketers are still unsure about how to actually integrate these two tools, and more importantly, how this type of integration can work for them.

In this post, we’ll begin to explore the benefits of integrating a website with a marketing automation system – in this case, and Sitecore and Marketo

There are a wide variety of integration use cases, which we will be covering in this blog. Here are two to get our conversation started:

Use Case #1: Use Marketo to See User Behavior

The first integration marketing professionals need is the ability to view user activity and behavior on a Sitecore website within the Marketo system. We achieved this by embedding Marketo’s Munchkin script into the pages of the site. Munchkin code tracks the website browsing behavior of site visitors , making it possible for the behavior to then be embedded in that contact’s record in Marketo. The tracking begins when the anonymous/unknown visitor comes to the website and continues when he becomes a “known” users (via login or newsletter sign-up). Marketo links the anonymous behavior to the behavior once the contact becomes known.

This integration, which is standard and relatively easy to implement makes a significant improvement in the value marketers get from both their website and their email marketing. Since all marketers must now be mobile-friendly, if not mobile-first, they must be able to see the connection between their audience’s website and email behavior.

Use Case #2: Use Sitecore to Personalize Your Message

In the next recommended integration, we can enable the content editor within Sitecore to personalize content on the website based on the Marketo User Profile Score value. We do this by using a custom-built Sitecore Personalization Condition and Rule. The process involves inheriting Sitecore’s Sitecore.Rules.Conditions.IntegerComparisonCondition class and overriding the Execute method so that it now calls up the well-documented Marketo API-Get Lead by ID REST API to retrieve the user’s score. It then performs the actual comparison against the details the content editor provides—greater than, less than, or equal to any number they would like.

This powerful integration allows marketers to give each contact an experience on the site that is customized to their journey, as defined by sales and marketing. In a B2B scenario, for example, a prospect that has engaged with a company for an extended period of time might see content designed for a sales-ready lead.

The End Result: True Bi-Directional Success

These two use cases allow you complete bi-directional integration between Sitecore and Marketo. This knowledge also provides an expert foundation for future integrations, which we will share in future blog posts.

Do you need help integrating Sitecore and Marketo in your environment? Contact us today.

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