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Sitecore EditFrame for Page Editor


Sitecore provides a content editing interface called Page Editor that allows users to directly edit content on a page. The content thus edited is saved into the appropriate item in the content tree. In most cases, this editing interface is used to edit plain content on a page such as rich text, images, link text, etc. There are other types of fields provided by Sitecore such as Multilist field and Treelist field where the field values are lists and therefore are not directly editable using the Page Editor. It is in this situations that the EditFrame context is used to allow the user to edit the values for these field types.

Consider the following example:

A list of links placed on a page might be as shown below.

In Sitecore, the list of links may be selected using a Treelist field as shown.

The EditFrame context will give the Page Editor user access to the source field shown above so that the list of selected links can be changed.

The process of enabling an EditFrame context is done primarily through code and is as outlined below.

First, we need to create a new Edit Frame Button in the core database.

Go to /sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Edit Frame Buttons and create a new Edit Frame Button Folder with a new Field Editor Button within it. The field “Fields” specifies the name of the field that this edit button should give access to.

Next, we modify the sublayout that renders the list of links. We add an EditFrame surrounding the list using the sc:EditFrame tag. This tag has an attribute called “Buttons” that points to the Buttons folder created earlier. We then bind the value of the “Fields” field to our listview.

With this, the user will be able to edit the field in Page Editor Page Edit Mode as shown:

Note: All the changes made to the field will be directly saved onto the item in the content tree.

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