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Integrate Sitecore Content in Native Mobile Applications Easily Thanks to Sitecore Mobile SDK and Xamarin

sitecore xamarin preview

It is now easier than ever to build native mobile applications that can access and integrate Sitecore content.

Xamarin and Sitecore have partnered to release Sitecore Mobile SDK, a portable .NET library and framework. Sitecore SDK is compatible with:

  • iOS7 and newer Apple Oss
  • Android 4.0 and newer
  • Windows Desktop (.NET 4.5)
  • Windows Phone 8 and newer

Sitecore SDK definitely helps round out the complete Custom Experience Platform that Sitecore has delivered. As Sitecore states on their Mobile Experience page.

“Sitecore SDK will enable your C+ developers to quickly build applications using their existing .NET skills and produce native mobile applications that use and serve Sitecore content.”

If you are need of assistance with building native mobile applications with this new SDK or any other Sitecore mobile needs, contact us. It’s an exciting time to be a Sitecore customer.

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