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Three Highlights From the 2015 Sitecore MVP Summit in New Orleans


By David Walker, Sitecore MVP

On Sept. 28-30, I had the first-time privilege of attending the 2015 Sitecore MVP Summit, held in New Orleans. With only 168 Sitecore MVPs worldwide (calculated to be 0.53% of the Sitecore ecosystem), and only about 97 of those MVPs present, this two-day event represented a very elite group.

As you can imagine, there were a number of high points during the summit, but here are my top three:

1) Meeting Sitecore leaders and staff. It was so exciting to meet the Sitecore staff, especially Lars F. Nielsen, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Sitecore. During this meeting, I realized how tech-savvy Lars is, and how involved he is in the technical direction of the product after so many years in his executive role. I also had the chance to meet Pieter Brinkman, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism, who heads up the MVP program and emceed the event. I was also pleased to meet the legendary John West, Chief Technology Officer for Sitecore USA. 

2) Meeting other Sitecore MVPs from around the world. My second highlight would be meeting other MVPs from around the world, especially Europe. Many of these people are active bloggers and community contributors, so I knew many by name already—but this event gave me a chance to meet them face to face.

3) Being privy to the Sitecore roadmap. For me, the third highlight was seeing the Sitecore content roadmap and being part of the forward-looking conversation. I’m glad that TechAspect was represented here and able to gain this valuable knowledge. It’s very motivational to see the efforts Sitecore is putting into its current and future products, and how much they listen to the feedback and pain points from their MVPs.

Overall, I was highly impressed with how well the Sitecore team coordinated the event and made sure that it was jam-packed with content, including the future roadmap of Sitecore. Knowing what I do know, including how closely Sitecore is aligning the product’s future with technology decisions being made by Microsoft, I’m even more excited about the product’s future.

After the MVP Summit, I headed to the SUGCON 2015 event, held Oct. 1-2, where I presented a session called “Got API? Will Personalize!” Check out highlights here.

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