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Embracing Frontend Documentation with JSDocs

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By Prateek Jadhwani

Whether your company is building a product for itself or maintaining a project for a client, paying attention to the frontend is always key. With all the recent advancements, many people want to put their application and business logic on the frontend. Yet having a maintainable application requires an extra step—documentation.

Documenting your frontend code should be given the same importance as your backend application since you will encounter the same issues during maintenance. JSDocs is a documentation tool that can help in the process, much the same way Javadocs has helped in documenting Java code.

Front End Documentation
Mozilla using JSDoc in their Gaia project.

With JSDocs, you can generate documentation as a website, which can then be hosted on an internal/company server. Everyone can add comments to their code, but with a little extra effort while commenting, you can provide the ability to obtain and see documentation for the whole application in no time, using the Table of Contents and cross-references.

Better yet, there’s no learning curve involved in the use of this technology. As a result, it can be quickly learned by developers at any skill level, who can start implementing it immediately.

For developers who want to learn how to use JSDocs in code, refer them to the examples here. Or if you want to save even more time with JSDocs, feel free to try this Sublime plugin. If your repository follows a .md style documentation pattern, you can also check out this jsdoc-to-markdown npm package.

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