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How to Get Top Performance in Hybrid Mobile Applications - Part 2 of 2


Author : Prateek Jadhwani

In the previous blog post, we talked about how performance in mobile applications can be improved. In this part, we will continue discussing issues developers should understand, in order to improve the user experience with the apps.

Understand your debugging tools

Debugging tools such as Chrome Developer tools provide a lot of information about your app. Profiling your app for a specific functionality 2 could help you identify the exact code that could be creating a massive decrease in fps 3 4. Not only that, looking into the network tab could help you identify why a user might be stuck on the login screen for more than 10 seconds.


Debugging tools provide essential information about your app.

Understand Network Problems

A lot of people use apps when they are on the move. They might or might not have a good network connection. Understanding how these network problems might affect your app could lead to a better user experience by getting rid of unnecessary problems.


Understand what the user feels

To obtain the performance goals required, developers must visualize the users’ experience, not their own. After having a tough day, a user does not want to watch a loading icon for 5 seconds. You might think that anyone can wait for 5 seconds just to get a response, but no, 100ms 2 is more than enough to get response from the server and 1 second to load the screen 2. The same goes for the animations. Add a cool CSS3 loader might look good on the app, but if that loader shows stutter in animations, that could lead to being a bad CSS3 loader 4. If an animation frame is taking more than 6ms 2, then that particular animation might not be a good one for your application.



Making an app is an easy task, but making sure that it provides a smooth user experience can be tricky. Even a small, occasional stutter could make a cranky user unhappy, thus leading to that dreaded one-star rating. Following the points mentioned in the previous post, and this post, can solve a lot of problems your users will experience and make possible the high user ratings you need.

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