The worldwide leader in networking and communications technology chose Facebook as the platform for its systems support community. Find out how TechAspect built the app and addressed the challenges and desired outcomes of this client.

  • Challenge

    Millions of Facebook users are just one click away from using a Facebook application without needing to register. One TechAspect client—the worldwide leader in networking and communications technology—recognized the benefits of this opportunity and decided to use the inherent features of Facebook to provide a simple, rewarding experience to its customers searching for technical support and knowledge.

  • Our Solution

    TechAspect understood this client’s desire to keep the best features of its existing support forum while enhancing the overall user experience going forward. Therefore, the TechAspect team created a Facebook application that addressed all of the main goals and concerns. The new app included a simple on-boarding process to guide users through the features and reduce the learning curve.

  • Result

    With the new app, users can invite friends, post events on Facebook timelines and receive email notifications. The end result is an enhanced customer experience with relevant information being provided quickly and easily—thus improving user satisfaction and increasing lengths of stay. The new app has resulted in more unique visitors, more forum posts and increased information sharing.

  • Technologies & Services

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