A large American home furnishings company was facing system crash issues due to rising SKU volumes. Our approach reduced the volumes of SKUs and enabled frequent data updates, resulting in a drastic improvement in the performance of the Business Control Center (BCC).
  • Challenge

    The client has over 1.5 million SKUs and faced significant challenges managing them through the Business Control Center of ATG. Issues included system crashes during pricing updates, or product update deployments that would take extensive periods of time. Also, the amount of time it took to enter new SKUs was very high. Imagine a blind of varying lengths from 12 to 120 inches; if you add fractions, fabric or colors, this number multiplies). As a result, the SKUs grew exponentially, which was slowing down the BCC.

  • Our Solution

    TechAspect extended the product table of ATG to decrease the SKUs drastically and make pricing updates easy. The product table was extended to use special attributes. The user specifies only the attribute ranges at the product level, while any attribute values and pricing entries are entered using separate screens. Now, the user can enter pricing for a single value or a range of values, or upload a pricing table from Excel. Corresponding changes are applied throughout the client system. The order data is transferred to the order management system using user-defined fields.

  • Result

    As a result of this implementation, the customer could reduce the number of SKUs from over 1.5 million to under 50,000. This significantly improved the performance of the BCC and made frequent changes to product data possible.

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