The client was looking to improve its delivery timelines during the mandatory regression testing process undertaken after each software build production deployment. Software builds have to be frequently scheduled for the upkeep of the client’s app. TechAspect automated the complete process through a hybrid framework, utilizing the open source tool - Selenium WebDriver.
  • Challenge

    The client scheduled frequent software builds to maintain its app, which had to be thoroughly tested before they can be deployed to production. The manual QA process was quite time-consuming and error-prone, impacting the delivery timelines.

  • Our Solution

    We chose a hybrid framework for the client’s regression testing process after an extensive analysis and proposed Selenium WebDriver to automate the complete process. We also developed scripts that could juggle between various tasks such as detecting software bugs related to new app modifications, verifying links, validating the complete content of the web app, verifying input forms with multiple data sets and generating summarized reports of the test results.

  • Result

    Our cost-effective regression testing solution improved the client’s testing quality, reducing the testing timeframe by half. We also created an automated procedure for content verification and link checks and assisted in the prompt deployment of software enhancements. There is a visible improvement in the time-to-web production cycles with shorter timeframes. The tests can also be reused on multiple browsers.

  • Technologies & Services

    Selenium WebDriver



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