One of the world’s leading education providers needed to redesign all microsites for an enhanced look and feel, while upgrading to AEM 6.1 for the latest CMS features. TechAspect hit the mark by interconnecting all sites, enabling customized results, improving UI functionality and enabling more targeted marketing to students.
  • Challenge

    This client wanted a full redesign of all microsites for an enhanced look and feel, while upgrading to Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 to take advantage of the latest features. They needed a way to interconnect all microsites and generate customized results from the client’s complex database. They also wanted to execute more targeted marketing to prospective students, improved UI functionality for university enrollments, and internal applications that would enhance the student experience.

  • Our Solution

    TechAspect delivered innovative strategies to meet this client’s needs. We created a custom connector to interact with the complex backend database, migrating to Sightly as the new scripting engine and reducing development time by at least 25%. We also developed a new ContentTypemanager solution and AEM templates that further simplify the creation of similar pages. Our team also implemented smart SEO for dynamic content and created better migration tools to migrate the content over.

  • Result

    The client was thrilled to have updated websites that offered a cleaner, more seamless way to deliver customized content, and a vastly improved user experience for prospective students. Authors now had a custom interface to better manage database content in real time, plus the ability to prepopulate pages with required components and dynamic data. Finally, it provided users with a responsive experience across a wide range of devices.

  • Technologies & Services

    Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

    Database Integration

    Content Migration

    Content Localization

    Digital Strategy

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