Manipal Global Education (MaGE) is a global education center based in Bengaluru, India, offering courses in health sciences, engineering, management, communication and humanities. It has over 28,000 students from 57 countries.
  • Challenge

    MaGe was looking to enhance the user experience and improve turnaround time by automating the manual document upload process. Its four-column component feature for registration forms and miscellaneous information was not responsive across all devices, which was driving away traffic. Additionally, it had issues with validating the authenticity of the prospective customer.

  • Our Solution

    We automated and introduced validation in MaGe’s document upload and notification process by creating an ‘Upload’ component within the AEM, which allows the students to upload documents as well as view approval status. Next, we made the four-column information component responsive across all devices, while extending the feature to all the sister websites of Manipal. We also automated the verification process of the prospective customers’ mobile numbers by integrating it within an SMS gateway API. Lastly, a ‘caption’ element was added in the design of the existing image component.

  • Result

    Our automated document upload/authentication process has brought in a visible improvement in the site performance and content management. The redesigned solution now supports Manipal Group’s websites in 25 regions. Captioned images introduced added insight about the facilities in the institution to the prospective customers. Identifying, tracking and engaging with the prospective customers is also much easier now via an automated verification process.

  • Technologies & Services

    AEM Implementation

    SMS Gateway Verification

    Responsive Design

    Automated Document Development

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