The client is a famous premier league club. Its website supports six different languages besides English. Based in UK, it has various national as well as international championship titles to its credit.
  • Challenge

    The client was looking to integrate data feeds from Opta, one of the leading providers of sports data, with its website to offer live statistics to its fans. An additional challenge was to display the data not only in English but also in additional languages supported by the website.

  • Our Solution

    We integrated the Opta feeds into the client’s AEM by abstracting most of the functionality and providing a simple interface for an author to pull in the detailed information of a player such as shots, passes, etc. The authors can also manually input specific language translation for a selected attribute. We took the approach as it does not hit the Opta data feed, whenever a visitor opens the web page displaying sports data.

  • Result

    Our integration approach enabled precise translation of player stats in six additional languages. The client is now able to engage audiences from multiple countries by offering stats in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and Russian besides English.

  • Technologies & Services


    Data Integration


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