A professional men’s football league needed a new mobile site that would provide fast browsing, a high-quality user experience and support for 500,000 hits per day. TechAspect leveraged Adobe CQ to help this client score with a crowd-pleasing solution.

  • Challenge

    Managing the UK’s largest football league—and the most-watched football competition in the world—this sporting organization needed a mobile website that could receive more than half-a-million hits per day. The site had to reflect a high-quality design while providing a fast browsing experience for visitors seeking the latest match results, video footage, match statistics and commentary. 

  • Our Solution

    TechAspect built a fast, responsive design-based mobile site on Adobe’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform (formerly CQ). This provided a simple, no-frills design with minimum JS and CSS for faster loading and execution. Meanwhile, the team designed the back-end infrastructure to retrieve content from live feeds, so that data is displayed in real-time.

  • Result

    Today, this sports organization enjoys a lightweight, multi-browser and multi-device-compliant mobile site that is easily maintained with no daily authoring required. Not only can the site sustain an incredible number of daily hits, it delivers the on-demand data sports enthusiasts want most, including current league standings, player profiles, TV broadcast schedules, ticket availability and more.

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