The client is a leading global provider of information technologies geared toward geospatial and industrial enterprise applications. Their solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems.

  • Challenge

    The client’s network architecture needed to be scaled up with increasing web traffic. It was looking for ways to optimize website performance and offer a reliable and responsive user experience, regardless of peak periods. An additional challenge was the optimum utilization of server capacity.

  • Our Solution

    After analyzing the client’s requirements, we introduced advanced capacity planning to accommodate loss of nodes. At the same time, network performance and availability were boosted through server redundancy. We then configured and customized Azure Load Balancer to handle heavy, 24x7 use. We also automated the scripts to sync servers and introduced A/B switch solution to reduce downtime deployment.

  • Result

    Our recommendations have provided considerable fault tolerance for the client. There was a 50% reduction in server load via optimum resource utilization. Resource size also reduced by 62% through server optimization. There is a dramatic reduction in the time taken for web pages to download during high traffic spikes or any scheduled maintenance activity, thus increasing customer loyalty.

  • Technologies & Services

    Sitecore CMS


    Server State Configurations

    Release Automation

    Capacity Study and Reporting

    Load Balance

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