The client was looking to redesign its multi-lingual website and migrate from TeamSite to Sitecore CMS for an improved user experience. Our expertise in content migration met the client’s tight integration requirements, leading to a redesigned solution that now supports websites belonging to nine regions.
  • Challenge

    The client wanted to redesign its multi-lingual website to enhance the overall user experience. It was also looking to migrate from TeamSite to Sitecore CMS besides an integration with web analytics tools.

  • Our Solution

    Our redesigned solution helped reuse of content across multiple websites. We mapped the Sitecore items to objects to reduce development time and allow effective code testing. We also developed a framework for content migration, implemented Google Analytics to track website downloads and external page links, and automated the deployment process.

  • Result

    Our meticulous approach led to a visible improvement in the site performance and content management. The solution now supports websites in nine regions, which helped the client to position its growth in Japan and America as well as other regions.

  • Technologies & Services

    Sitecore CMS

    Amazon Cloud Front Integration

    Google Analytics

    Brightcove Integration

    Sitecore Forms

    Windows Communication Framework

    Teamcity Build Automation

    Active Directory

    Glass Mapper


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