The client website offers users an option to search records and archives related to family history, biography, local history and social history.
  • Challenge

    The client was looking for an extensive search functionality to offer a better user experience on the site. Users should be able to build a family tree, perform an advanced search using filters on various record types or execute various operations on the record images like brightness or contrast.

  • Our Solution

    After analyzing the client requirements, we built the website with custom entities and indexed all the data to Solr. We implemented six search options to make the user search experience easier. Exact Match returns the results with an exact match of user input; Begins With returns results where the name starts with a user input; Wildcard returns results with a partial match of the user input; Fuzzy returns results with a similar spelling; Soundex returns results which have a similar sound; and Name Variants returns results for all the possible name variants like synonyms or nicknames.

  • Result

    Six different search options has not only offered the end user flexibility while searching for a specific piece of text, but also visualize the search results based on their regions. There is an ease in the image manipulation as well as retrieval of the relevant objects from the image database. This advanced search functionality has also made database cleanup redundant, thus saving time.

  • Technologies & Services

    Apache Solr

    Dynamic Clustering

    Database Integration

    Rich Document Handling

    Geospatial Search Capabilities

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