Hertz, the largest car rental company in the world, engaged TechAspect to develop a co-branded car-sharing web application on a partner company intranet portal. Read about the project and the high praise it received from the intranet user base.

  • Challenge

    Hertz wanted to implement a car-sharing web application on a partner’s co-branded intranet site using vanity URLs and “services” infrastructure—a project that was the first of its kind for TechAspect. The client’s goal was to embed the application into the site so that a user was presented with the same look and feel as the intranet site itself, thus offering a seamless user experience.

  • Our Solution

    TechAspect decided to incorporate the entire website into an iframe of specific width and height. After the Hertz agreed, TechAspect quickly jumped in and used their expertise to get the job done. The timelines were tight and the team ramp-up and execution were very aggressive, but TechAspect reached the client's delivery goal using a variety of successful development strategies.

  • Result

    TechAspect overcame many challenges, including the need to ensure cross-browser compatibility and interoperability. A rigorous testing methodology and strict coding standards helped ensure success. Today, users now enjoy a seamless experience across both the intranet portal and the external site.

  • Technologies & Services

    HP TeamSite

    Managed Application Services

    Multi-Site Management

    Responsive Design

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