How does a company give content control to individual business units but still maintain consistent branding, centralized quality and best practices? Read how TechAspect used LiveSite to achieve all these goals for a large, multi-site organization.

  • Challenge

    A large, multi-site digital printing solutions provider wanted to update its existing website to increase efficiency while solving a variety of business issues. Specifically, the client needed the new site to address environmental complexity, in which each business unit had an independent infrastructure and its own web setup. It also has to minimize support costs and minimize manual changes. 

  • Our Solution

    Seeking to simplify the content creation across all sites while maintaining overall brand unity, TechAspect leveraged LiveSite to revamp the website. It designed a master site family with numerous child sites that could be localized for different languages and regions. It also designed the site to deliver a host of productivity-enhancing features using a variety of smart strategies.

  • Result

    Today, this client enjoys more diversity and unity with a well-designed multi-site management system. Business users can tailor websites based on evolving business goals without being hindered by technological complexities. In addition, the website features a single CMS environment, plus cohesive branding, content consistency, automated publishing and the ability to target content to specific audiences.

  • Technologies & Services

    HP TeamSite



    Multi-Site Management

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