Hari Tammana

Associate Director – Sales

Hari is responsible for business development and sales in the United States' West Coast region. He brings a unique blend of experiences to TechAspect, drawn from the biology and IT domains. Excited about digital marketing, Hari focuses on aligning his clients digital strategy with TechAspect’s strengths. He works with the delivery teams to make sure they are fully aware of each client's vision, goals and requirements.

Prior to joining TechAspect, Hari ran a biotech startup focused on product development and science education for budding talent in the biotech industry. He has wealth of experience in operations, technology, project management, enterprise software, data analysis and R&D.

He has dual masters in biology and computer science from Osmania University, India, and University of Memphis, USA, respectively. Hari is also passionate about organizational development and change management.

Hari's interests include biotech, pharma and other life sciences, along with education. When he's not busy solving client challenges, Hari loves to read.

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