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Our QA engineers verify quality and performance through in-depth services that include: core software testing; IT requirement validation; test automation and management; security assessment; Application performance testing and QA consulting.

Quality Assurance Anly Platform

Quality Across Any Platform

Our full range of independent software testing and QA services ensures optimal, defect-free performance across today’s ever-changing landscape of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Quality Assurance Essential Role

QA Testing’s Essential Role

QA’s role is to guarantee usability, value and defect-free performance. Our best-practice driven methodology uncovers and corrects issues throughout development, so you’ll go live with the utmost confidence.

Focus Areas

  • AEM Quality Assurance

    Tech Aspect’s rigorous QA and testing services, which include checking performance and compatibility across browsers, devices and platforms, accurately detect and correct issues prior to the deployment.

  • OpenText TeamSite Quality Assurance

    Through best practice-based methodologies, industry-leading test tools and years of development experience, TechAspect’s QA team optimizes the performance and reliability of your TeamSite CMS.

  • Drupal Quality Assurance

    In-depth QA and testing services for security, performance and cross-platform/device compatibility, expose and eliminate potential problems to optimize the quality and usability of your Drupal CMS.

  • Automation testing Quality Assurance

    Our comprehensive automated testing process for fast, cost-effective and first-time-right testing using open source tools like Selenium, helps your short go-to-market timeframes, compliance and traceability requirements.

  • Non-Functional testing Quality Assurance

    Our non-functional testing process retains your client’s trust and loyalty by proactively identifying performance issues through a three-step process - usability testing, performance testing and security testing.

  • 50 Dedicated team

  • 50+ Projects

  • 4 Different WCM platform testing

  • 10+ years experience

QA Services


To optimize the results of your automated functional testing, our QA services can test large volumes of data on your system quickly using frameworks. We can manipulate the data sets, perform calculations and quickly create test iterations with minimal effort—giving you the assurance that all of your code and data is both, readable and usable. We offer testing with:

  • Data-Driven Test Frameworks

    In this scenario, test data is generated from external files, such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and XML files. Using this data, we can test the same functionality multiple times with different sets of input data.

  • Keyword-Driven Test Frameworks

    In addition to providing the advantages of data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing frameworks don’t require the user to possess scripting knowledge. A single keyword can be used across multiple test scripts.

  • Hybrid Test Frameworks

    This type of testing uses a combination of frameworks, which leverages the benefits of many types of frameworks at once.

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